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    Interactive Media and Business


    The Interactive Media + Business (IMB) major is where innovation + business meets through emerging media technology. It teaches how innovative ideas combine with technology, creativity and business principles to yield viable products, services, and experiences.

    Society today demands that recent graduates come equipped with broad interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, especially the ability to thoughtfully combine creative, quantitative and humanistic understanding. Students of Interactive Media + Business (IMB), will be challenged to imagine and implement interactive products and services that fearlessly investigate the recently possible in media, technology, and communication. IMB majors are also expected to think holistically about the impact of their work in society as well as the business value, whether it involves software or hardware, virtual or physical, product or experiment.

    The IMB major welcomes interest in entrepreneurship in all forms — large organizations or startups, for-profit or not-for-profit — that bring about disruptive changes and create positive social impact.

    Students of IMB will acquire a design-and-build mindset and gain experience by implementing creative solutions to real business problems in order to graduate well prepared for stimulating careers or future learning journeys in diverse organizations across the globe.


    Students of IMB will begin their education in one of the world’s business and media capitals, Shanghai, in one of the most dynamic economies in the world, China. IMB majors and minors will take a unique blend of interactive media and business foundation courses, including Application Lab, which introduces theories of innovation, early-stage business concepts, creative coding, and user experience design. For their second emerging media foundation, IMB students will choose between Interaction Lab, which covers interaction design, electronics, computation, and digital fabrication, or Communications Lab, which covers digital media production methods, including imaging, audio, video, and Web development, or What is New Media? A course designed to give students a strong theoretical and historical background in new media arts.

    Business foundations include Economics of Global Business, which prepares students with a systematic understanding of the international business environment, including macroeconomic theories, and the roles of international trade and finance. The second Business foundation, Principles of Financial Accounting, prepares students to evaluate the current condition of a business, and assess its likely future prospects.

    Students also choose from a range of flexible core and elective categories across the disciplines of business, emerging media, art and design, the humanities, social and physical sciences, as well as computation and data. Students also have unique opportunities to pursue coursework and gain practical experience in other global business and media capitals, especially New York, Tel Aviv, London, and Berlin. Majors finish with a Capstone Studio course by synthesizing methods of research and practice to produce an interactive project and business plan.

    In their senior year, IMB majors will finish with a year-long Capstone Studio course in their senior with a strong product focus combining the knowledge and skills they have gained over the course of the major. In Fall, they will be mentored in conducting background research to identify opportunities, needs, and tools, and to build and test initial prototypes with the aim of exploring and establishing the rationale for their final product. Once established, they will continue to develop additional prototypes over the course of the Spring, culminating with a complete product launch.

    Degree Requirements – 2019-20 Bulletin

    Total: 64 credits

    * = required?

    The requirements below are from the?online version of the 2018-2019 bulletin. Note that the online version has some updates not in the printed version so you should consult the online version.
    The below courses?are not an exhaustive list?and only include existing Shanghai courses. More Shanghai courses will be created in future semesters. To search for courses in the Global Network which fulfill this requirement, click?here.
    When studying away, students are only allowed to take 12 Interactive Media credits outside of Shanghai to apply towards the major. There are no limits to the number of Business credits that can be taken outside of Shanghai. If you have any questions or would like to petition to take additional credits beyond 12 Interactive Media credits outside of Shanghai, contact Director of IMB Christian Grewell at?christian@nyu.edu.
    Emerging?Media Foundation Courses: 8 credits
    Choose 2 of the 4 courses:
    INTM-SHU?110 Application Lab ? ? ? ? 4 credits


    Communications Lab? ? ? ? ? 4 credits
    INTM-SHU?101 Interaction Lab ? ? ? ? 4 credits? ? ??
    INTM-SHU?205 What is New Media ? ? ? ? 4 credits
    Business Foundation Courses:?8 credits
    ECON-SHU 250 Principles of Financial Accounting* ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?4 credits
    BUSF-SHU 251 Economics of Global Business* ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?4 credits
    Business Flexible Core Courses: 8 credits
    Choose any 2 from the following (sophomore standing required):
    BUSF-SHU 210 Business Analytics ? ? ? ? ? ? ?4 credits
    BUSF-SHU 351 Operations Management? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?4 credits
    MGMT-SHU 301 Management and Organizations ? ? ? ? ? ? ?4 credits? ? ??
    MKTG-SHU 1 Introduction to Marketing ? ? ? ? ? ? ?4 credits
    BUSF-SHU 142 Information Technology in Business and Society ? ? ? ? ? ? ?4 credits
    BUSF-SHU 202 Foundations of Finance ? ? ? ? ? ? ?4 credits
    Elective Courses: 32?credits

    BUSINESS ELECTIVES?(12 credits required, any Business core or elective):

    Sample Courses:?

    BUSF-SHU?311 New Venture Strategy ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? 4 credits
    BUSF-SHU?142 Information Technology in Business and Society? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? 4 credits


    Branding and Innovation ? ? ? ? ? ??? ?4 credits

    IMA/B REQUIRED ELECTIVES?(20 credits required):

    Sample Courses:?

    INTM-SHU?226 Artificial Intelligence Arts ? ? ? ? ? ? ??4 credits
    INTM-SHU?232 Critical Data and Visualization? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 4 credits? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    IMBX-SHU?211 Design Thinking ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 4 credits
    IMBX-SHU?100 Topics: Life Design; Financial Technology ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 4 credits? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    CCST-SHU?132 Creativity Considered ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 4 credits? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    A current list of courses is available at:?http://www.mf225.com/ima-electives

    ? ?Capstone Studio: 8?credits

    ?Coming soon

    Important Notes:

    • IMB majors are subject to the general degree requirements of NYU Shanghai. They must complete 128 total credits with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.
    • IMB majors would not be able to double major in either Business & Finance, Business & Marketing, or Interactive Media Arts.
    • The required Business & Finance and Business & Marketing course, Foundations of Finance, is optional for IMB majors. Students wishing to take Foundations of Finance must fulfill these prerequisites: Calculus, Microeconomics, and Statistics for Business and Economics.
    • Microeconomics and Statistics for Business and Economics can be counted as Business electives for IMB majors.
    • Existing students who have already fulfilled both existing IMA foundation requirements could substitute one of them for the IMB Interactive Media foundation requirement Application Lab.
    • If an IMB major takes a third Interactive Media foundation course it can be counted as an elective. "Communications Lab" would count under the New Media & Entertainment category and "Interaction Lab" would count under the New Interfaces & Physical Computing category.
    • If an IMA major takes Application Lab, it can be counted as an elective under the Business of Emerging Media category.
    • When studying away, students are only allowed to take 12 Interactive Media credits outside of Shanghai to apply towards the major. There are no limits to the number of Business credits that can be taken outside of Shanghai.?
    Recommended Fall 2019 Courses

    Recommended Courses in Fall 2019 for Freshmen?

    1. Writing as Enquiry
    2. Chinese or EAP
    3. If you haven't taken Interaction Lab or Communications Lab yet, take one of these.?
    4. Core or General Elective


    Recommended Courses in Fall 2019 for Sophomores

    1. If you haven't taken Interaction Lab or Communications Lab yet, try to take both or at least one of these.?
    2. Application Lab or?IMA?Elective
    3. Business core
    4. Chinese or core
    Faculty Mentor

    Prof. Christian Grewell?Office: Room 950 / 1025?| Email:?christian@nyu.edu | Profile

    Minor?Requirements - 24 credits
    Business Required Core Courses: 8 credits
    ECON-SHU 250 Principles of Financial Accounting* 4 credits
    BUSF-SHU 251 Economics of Global Business 4 credits
    Interactive Media Foundation Courses: 8 credits
    INTM-SHU?110 Application Lab* 4 credits

    INTM-SHU 120

    OR? INTM-SHU 101?

    OR?INTM-SHU 205

    Communications Lab*?

    OR?Interaction Lab*?

    OR??What is New Media*?

    4 credits
    Business Elective Course(s): 4 credits
    Any Business core, elective or IMA Business of Emerging Media course(s)
    Interactive Media Elective Course(s): 4 credits
    Any IMA elective(s)
    IMB Electives
    IMBX-SHU 101T Life Design* 4 credits
    IMBX-SHU 102T Global Experience Design* 4 credits