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    Contact Us

    Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid

    For general questions regarding undergraduate admission and financial support for NYU Shanghai:

    Graduate and Advanced Education

    For information about NYU Shanghai graduate degree and advanced education programs, please visit the Office of Graduate and Advanced Education pages. Questions about admissions for these programs may be directed to shanghai.ogae@nyu.edu.

    Graduate and Advanced Education

    Study Away @NYU Shanghai

    Study Away @NYU Shanghai

    For information about the NYU Shanghai study away program, please visit the NYU Shanghai Global Affairs pages. Questions the program may be directed to shanghai.globalaffairs@nyu.edu.

    Careers @NYU Shanghai

    Careers @NYU Shanghai

    For details about open faculty positions and information on applying, please visit the Faculty Positions and Fellowship Positions pages. For staff vacancies, please visit our Staff Recruitment page.


    For reimbursement, vendor payment, and other financial services, email us at shanghai.finance.help@nyu.edu

    For procurement, asset management, and other supply services, email us at Shanghai.supply-service@nyu.edu

    Login with your NYU Shanghai NetID to access more information.

    Compliance and Risk

    These reporting services are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Reports can be submitted in Chinese and/or English.

    Submit an online report

    Email: nyush.compliance-risk@nyu.edu

    More information about compliance and risk reporting at NYU Shanghai.

    Other Offices Phone Email
    NYU School of Professional Studies?at NYU Shanghai +86-21-2059-5960 shanghai.NYUSPS.connect@nyu.edu
    Education Development Foundation +86-21-2059-5266 nyushanghai-development-group@nyu.edu
    NYU-ECNU Joint Research Institutes +86-21-2059-5666 shanghai.research@nyu.edu
    Press Office +86-21-2059-5881 shanghai.press@nyu.edu
    Public Safety +86-21-2059-5500 nyush.dps@nyu.edu
    Registrar (for all transcript and verification requests) +86-21-2059-5749 shanghai.registrar@nyu.edu



    Faculty Directories

    Browse our?faculty directory?for biographies and contact details of our professors, or look up staff members in our?staff directory?(NYU login required).

    General Inquiries

    General Inquiries

    If you cannot find the contact information you need on our website, please call +86-21-2059-5000 or direct your inquiry to nyushanghai@nyu.edu.



    Get directions, addresses, and taxi cards for our buildings and residence halls.